Huawei Quidway User Privilege Level

You need to set a privilege level when you create a local-user on aaa. And here are the privilege you can set to your local-user:

User Level Command Level Level Name Description
0 0 Visit level This level gives access to commands that run network diagnostic tools (such as ping and tracert) and commands that start from a local device and visit external devices (such as Telnet client side).
1 0 and 1 Monitoring level This level gives access to commands, like the display command, that are used for system maintenance and fault diagnosis.
0 0, 1, and 2 Configuration level This level gives access to commands that configure network services provided directly to users, including routing and network layer commands.
3-15 0, 1, 2, and 3 Management level This level gives access to commands that control basic system operations and provide support for services. These commands include file system commands, FTPcommands, TFTP commands, configuration file switching commands, power supply control commands, backup board control commands, user managementcommands, level setting commands, and debugging commands for fault diagnosis.

More about that, visit Huawei support page about Quidway S5300 Configuring STelnet Login.