Onboarding Amdocs jNetX NextGen SCP on FusionSphere Openstack

One of operator in Indonesia require Huawei to help onboarding 3rd party VNF Amdocs jNetX NextGen SCP. I assigned to help on the onboading process so the VNF that works as Amdocs jNetX NextGen SCP able to run on FusionSphere Openstack.

Amdocs jNetX NextGen SCP is the service control point for the Amdocs Prepaid solution and manages service and credit authorizations in real-time. Unlike other SCP offerings available in the marketplace, Amdocs jNetX NextGen SCP enables real-time session and event control for all types of services (voice, SMS, data, etc.) and delivers additional services such as Bill Shock Prevention, Credit Transfer, Missed Call Alert and Pay Your Bill Reminder. In addition, Amdocs SCP supports any wireline or wireless network protocol, from legacy SS7 to IP-based network protocols.

Amdocs jNetX NextGen SCP integrates with the Amdocs Convergent Charging product, which is based on the Amdocs Turbo Charging technology and performs real-time rating and account balance management. Together, they provide a complete prepaid solution, from network session and event control, through service creation and delivery, to real-time charging and customer management.

The process documented on Huawei Support website. Read on support.huawei.com.