Clone Instance from External Datastore on Openstack

So I was worked for some Openstack which is branded as FusionSphere Openstack 6.0. It’s an Openstack that made by Huawei. On this environment Openstack version is Juno (Nova version 2014.2). My objective on this post is creating an instance clone where the instance was created on external datastore.

  1. First one, we need to look for the attached volume ID from the instance.

     nova show $instance-ID

    for example:

     nova show abb8709e-702d-4b0c-9e51-672ce419cebf
  2. Then create a Cinder Volume based on the attached volume ID. Then wait until the volume created.

     cinder create --source-volid $attached-volume-id --name $new-clone-volume-name $new-clone-volume-size

    for example:

     cinder create --source-volid 95b9c0bf-22d2-43cb-b241-4a964f988f57 --name cirrosClone 1

    You can also add parameter --progress to show the progress of creating the volume.

  3. Set the volume that has been create with flag bootable.

     cinder set-bootable $new-clone-volume-id true

    for example:

     cinder set-bootable 7d7211fd-6404-4a89-b7d0-2e85bd534c5f true
  4. Upload the volume that has been create to be an image.

     cinder upload-to-image --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare $new-clone-volume-id $new-clone-image-name

    for example:

     cinder upload-to-image --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare 7d7211fd-6404-4a89-b7d0-2e85bd534c5f CirrosClone

    You can also add parameter --progress to show the progress of upload the volume.

  5. Make the new image as a public, so other users may use the new cloned image.

     glance image-update $new-clone-image-id --is-public=true

    for example:

     glance image-update 7d7211fd-6404-4a89-b7d0-2e85bd534c5f --is-public=true
  6. Then create new instance based on new cloned image that you have been made.