EEPIS Green Organization - Pucukan Village

It has been 2 years ago, we did some funny things with kids from Pucukan Village, Sidoarjo, East Java. We taught to them about what should they do when their small village gets flooded.

Short about Pucukan Village, Pucukan Village, located in an isolated area of East Java coastline. Difficult access roads, and limited power of electricity. Geographically, it’s close to the river and sea, makes this village often on floods. It happens because river and sea overflow.

EGO or EEPIS GREEN Organization is an organization we have created for disaster mitigation research especially on the information system. You may find our Facebook feed, which posts about our activity on here. Maybe it will not update, all of us have graduated from PENS (yes, EEPIS is English name for PENS).