Reactivate HyperTerminal on Windows 7 and Windows 8

So I just got a new job earlier this month. Surprisingly, I need to use HyperTerminal. Short story about HyperTerminal, HyperTerminal used to communicates data with serial COM port and also for TCP/OP Winsock. HyperTerminal is a feature from older Windows OS, and the last Window that provide HyperTerminal is Windows XP. HyperTerminal is not available on Windows 7 or newer. But you don’t need to downgrade your Windows to use it.

To reactivate HyperTerminal on Windows 7, the easiest way is just copy HyperTerminal files such as hypertrm.exe, hypertrm.dll, and hticons.dll. On Windows XP those files can be found on:

Then just copy it on same location or just make a folder somewhere to paste it. And to run it, just simply double click it. Here are result of HyperTerminal run on my Windows 7:

HyperTerminal on Windows 7
HyperTerminal on Windows 7

And if you does not have Windows XP, you also can download it here.


You can also use PuTTY to communicate with COM port.